22 Free or Affordable Romantic Date Ideas Around Vancouver

Whether it’s a summer adventure or a special birthday party or just some romantic quality time, there’s so much to do around Vancouver without breaking the bank.

Although handcuffing season is right around the corner (who doesn’t love a movie to stay and a cuddle date?), frolicking in the sun with your persona is just as fun and cute. There’s still a month of summer left, so take your partner’s hand and enjoy it before it ends and the gloomy Raincouver weather arrives.

Don’t know what to do or where to start? Turn this list of free or affordable (as in super cheap) date ideas into a summertime checklist and (try to) do them all. Not only will you have fun, but you will hopefully create many memories to look back on together.

Free date ideas

  • Walk or cycle around the city. The Seawall is a good place to start, but there are plenty of other nice neighborhoods around Vancouver.
  • If you both love the outdoors, go hiking.
  • Go swimming at Kits Pool or travel to one of BC’s beautiful beaches.
  • Window shop just about anywhere, from local businesses to thrift stores to department stores.
  • Take a self-guided tour of Vancouver’s newest murals or Ryan Reynolds’ favorite local spots.
  • Have a picnic and make it more fun with games or crafts.
  • If you are planning an evening date, go see the sunset.
  • If you missed the sunset, drive somewhere out of town to stargaze (it won’t be as fun in the cold, so go while it’s still warm).
  • Maybe stargazing is a little out of the way. Plan an outdoor movie night in your backyard! Set up string lights and snuggle up on lawn chairs.
  • For a more theatrical outdoor movie experience, watch a public outdoor movie for free. Don’t forget to bring your own popcorn.
  • If it’s their birthday, join a free scavenger hunt around Vancouver.
  • Have fun at a summer street festival. There are plenty of free festivals and events this summer.
  • Stroll through one of Vancouver’s flower gardens, such as Van Dusen or Queen Elizabeth.

Cheap Date Ideas

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