16 Bar Cart Ideas 2022 – Easy Inspo for a Bar Cart Makeover


I don’t know who invented the bar cart, but I’d love to give them a big smoocheroo. It’s hard to deny that the bar cart is furniture at its best – it’s practical, beautiful, functional and fabulous all at the same time. It’s a habitat and storage center for all your cherished liquor bottles, keeping them contained and on display so you can admire your collection in its entirety. I could get poetic on the glorious, glorious bar cart all day. But I won’t, because if you have one, you already know why they’re so awesome…

… but even excellent can improve. You know what they say: there is always room for growth. And I’m here to help make your bar cart the best it’s ever looked, and possibly the best it’s ever felt. (What? Bar carts have feelings too.)

If you take a look over there, you’ll discover 40 simple tricks (and accompanying photos) that will take you from building your bar cart to a snap, from adding books inspired by the liquor to the making ~coastal grandma chic~. If you never thought you’d be inspired by a photo of a bar cart…prepare for your whole life to change because we have the inspiration. for. days. Scroll down for all bar cart ideas.

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Candles make my world go round, and there’s no place in my house I won’t put some. Not only do they make your home smell lovely, but they also add a warm glow, perfect for cocktail parties at your house. If you *really* want to be on-brand (don’t we all love a good theme?), consider splurging on these alcohol-inspired candles: Champagne Toast from Brooklyn Candle Studio and Mojito from Malin + Goetz. .


Give it the high end treatment.

You know how when you go to a bar, the fanciest (i.e. the most expensive) liquors are at the very top of the shelf? Well, why not recreate this at home? Designate the top of your bar cart to your best bottles – they will also be displayed that way, in case you want to impress visitors.


Roll it up and serve the guests.

You know that feeling when you want a refill but don’t want to get up so you just sit on the couch and pout with your empty glass? (Hopefully it’s not just me?) Well, you’ll never have to experience those sensations with a roll bar cart again. Slide it wherever you sit or roll it around and play bartender for your guests. The best host ever? I think so.

There is no space that is better when you add flowers. It is a fact, and there will be no further questions. Liven up your bar cart by adding fresh (or even dried!) flowers in a pretty pot or vase, like the one you see here. Pro Tip: Head to Trader Joe’s for all your greenery needs. Their selection is very affordable and the flowers are healthy.

Are you organizing a brunch? Put on your Martha Stewart and let your guests swoon as you decorate your bar cart with everything you need to make ‘mosas’. Prepare some nice glasses, a few different juices, sweet toppings, a bucket of ice, and of course a bottle (or three) of champions. You hostess with the most, you.

If you ask me, the best cocktails come with a piece of fruit – they add a little something extra when it comes to taste and also look cute as an accessory. If you’re entertaining (or just want to get fancy), pack some fruit — think lemons, limes, and oranges — and use them to add a splash of color to your bar cart. Fashion! Meets! A function!


Use a funky side table instead.

No bar cart? No problem. Use a fun little side table instead. I love this vintage piece (pictured) that screams ~squiggle-esthetic~, but you can also find cute, inexpensive options at IKEA, HomeGoods, Target, and on good old Amazon.


Show off your cutest glassware.

You know what they say: If you have it, flaunt it. This statement is especially true when it comes to chic glassware. Arrange your colorful mugs, personalized champagne flutes, and cute shots to give them the daylight they deserve. Dark, dingy cupboards? I did not care. (PS If you’re looking to upgrade your glassware, look no further than Estelle’s Colored Glass. Your obsession starts now.)


Show off your book collection.


Take advantage of the space under the shelves.

Too many bottles, too little surface area? Take advantage of the open space by hanging your wine glasses upside down under a shelf. You can buy racks for cheap on Amazon (like this one) that can hold a lot more glasses than you think.


Put away your record player.

Honey, put your records on… your bar cart. Corinne Bailey Rae may not have said it, but damn it, I will. It might not be what the cart was originally intended for, but damn if it doesn’t look perfect. Turntable up and records down or vice versa – no matter how you arrange it, you’ve created a song-playing station worth talking about.


Add appropriate art.

A little piece of art goes a long way, and a little ~alcohol-inspired art~ is that special touch every bar car needs. Consider hanging a neon sign for a dive bar vibe, a framed advertisement of your favorite liquor brand, or a stylish piece featuring adorable bottles, like the one in this photo.

I love the idea of ​​giving your bar cart a theme – spritz season, Parisian, all pink… you get the idea. Make it matchy-matchy and get ready to take 9,000 shots for the gram. (Plus, if you don’t start salivating at the thought of a crisp, cold Aperol Spritz when you look at this bar cart, we probably can’t be friends.)


Make it a chic coastal granny.

The “coastal grandma chic” aesthetic is probably my favorite trend to take over TikTok in 2022 — and that’s saying a lot. But who doesn’t want to look, dress and feel like a wealthy retiree enjoying her life of luxury on Cape Cod? I know you are, and I know your bar cart would be too. Play up the aesthetic with pinot grigio, seashells, east coast-inspired coffee table books, and all the rattan you can get your hands on.


Add dimension with a mirror.

Everyone knows that a mirror can make a space look a lot bigger than it really is, and this trick works the same way behind your bar cart. I love this full size round mirror, which frames the cart and makes it look like a fancy drink station.

I swear, every time I walk into a home decor store, I’m overwhelmed by the number of pretty lamps and the lack of space in my apartment where I can put them. Welp, one day I realized I could just put a cutie on my bar cart! Not only does it add a touch of class, but it also puts a little spotlight on your liquor collection.

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