10 Ways Joseph Joestar Grew Up On JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar was the main character in Fight Tendencybut he was also an important figure in Stardust Crusaders and a minor character in The diamond is unbreakable. Since Joseph has been in several parts of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventurefans got to watch him grow and mature.

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Of course, maturity should come with age, but the events Joseph endured also forced him to grow throughout history. From Fight Tendency by The diamond is unbreakableJoseph Joestar went through many changes, but he still retained the same goofy, boastful traits that fans remember from his introduction.

ten Joseph is no longer so impetuous

A young Joseph Joestar fastens his blindfold

In Fight Tendency, Joseph came on the scene and was presented as brash and never one to back down from a fight. He was quick to attack someone if he provoked them even slightly. As a result, he was thrown in jail seven times and expelled from school for getting into a fight.

Joseph calmed down considerably in Stardust Crusaders, but he is always impatient and quick to anger. The difference is that he no longer gets into a fight before he assesses whether it’s worth it or not.

9 Joseph learned valuable lessons from his battles against Wamuu and Esidisi

Joseph pays homage to Wamuu after defeating him

Two of the most formidable enemies in the series were Wamuu and Esidisi. They weren’t incredibly overpowered, but they were stronger than most other enemies in the series at this time. To remove the poison rings they placed inside his body, Joseph underwent intense Hamon training under the guidance of Lisa Lisa.

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The battles against Esidisi and Wammu taught Joseph two valuable lessons. The battle against Esidisi showed that Joseph could outwit him for a time, but Joseph had to be more vigilant. The fight against Wamuu, on the other hand, showed the value of mutual respect between opponents.

8 Joseph was forced to work hard during Hamon training

Joseph was quite outspoken about his disdain for authority and his contempt for hard work. He even admitted that the phrases he hates the most are “work hard” and “work hard”. However, while training Hamon under Lisa Lisa, Joseph was forced to respect her as an authority figure.

He was also forced to work hard and make the effort to get stronger in time to defeat the Pillar Men. After Fight TendencyJoseph isn’t so lazy anymore because of the work ethic that was imposed on him during training.

7 Joseph has become even more strategic and intelligent in combat

Joseph Joestar looks worried in a comedic way

After Fight Tendency, Joseph realized many valuable lessons about approaching a fight, thinking on your feet in the middle of a fight, and the importance of staying alert. Joseph is not as direct or loud in his approaches as Stardust Crusaders. He’s still great at strategizing on his feet, but he’s not as obvious.

When the parasitic Stand, Empress, attached itself to him, Joseph showed how quickly he could turn a situation around. Although he was clumsy for most of the fight, he deliberately knocked over pots to make a map of the city from the debris with the spirit photograph of Hermit Purple. He subtly located a barrel of coal tar and dunked the Empress into it, defeating the Stand almost instantly.

6 Joseph does not taunt his opponents as often

Some of the funniest scenes from Fight Tendency are those where Joseph taunts his opponents. He would deliberately try to get under their skin to distract himself from what he had under his sleeve. However, in Stardust Crusadershe doesn’t taunt his opponents as much.

Although Joseph is still scheming and smart in the second part, he wastes no time taunting his opponents. One of the most common taunts involved guessing your opponent’s next word. Although he still used it in Part 3, it was only used once or twice. Joseph realized that he didn’t need to taunt his opponents to get one. This makes him more unpredictable when he’s not taunting them.

5 Joseph realized he can’t run away when the going gets tough

Joseph Joestar uses his family technique

One of the running gags that came out of Part 2 was Joseph’s tendency to run away from a battle whenever it didn’t go as planned. He did so when Straizo rose from the ground after a barrage of bullets from Joseph’s Tommy gun. He did it again when Kars became the ultimate life form. Most of the time he runs away because he has another plan in mind.

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However, running away is unacceptable under any circumstances. Joseph finally realized this, so in Stardust Crusaders, he opted for more practical and simpler approaches to defeating an opponent with all he had in front of him. Joseph is still resourceful, but he doesn’t have to run away to prove it.

4 Joseph realized the importance of the name Joestar

joseph "Oh no!!" Jojo

Perhaps what Joseph lacked in Part 2 was a solid understanding of what it means to be a Joestar. However, in Part Three, Joseph fully understood the implications of the Joestars’ long connection to DIO and why eradicating the vampire was so important.

While this understanding was present before Holy was afflicted by his own Stand, it seems his daughter falling terribly ill from DIO’s awakening cemented this reality for him. In Part 2, he didn’t fully understand the long lineage of the Joestar name, but in Part 3, he was determined to do the right thing for his last name.

3 Joseph learned a lot after the loss of Caesar

Joseph and Caesar argue in St. Moritz - JoJo's Bizarre Adveture

One of the most heartbreaking scenes of Fight Tendency It was when Joseph realized that Caesar had been crushed to death after fighting Wamuu. Every fan of JoJo’s can recall the scene where Joseph called out Caesar’s name with tears in his eyes.

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The two men had argued before, so Caesar entered the abandoned mansion where the Pillar Men were hiding all alone. Joseph only realized how much he appreciated Caesar after he left. Joseph learned the importance of appreciating those around him before it was too late, and it ultimately changed his outlook on grief and loss.

2 Joseph remembers the end of Stardust Crusaders

Stardust Crusaders Group Photo

When Joseph learned of the deaths of Iggy and Abdol, he was visibly shaken. However, the group had a high-stakes battle ahead of them against DIO, so he couldn’t let his grief grieve him too much at this time. Then the group also lost Kakyoin.

If Joseph learned to deal with grief at the end of Fight Tendencythen Stardust Crusaders This is where he proved it. After the battle was over, he and Jotaro granted their comrades a final moment of silence. There was no grand display of emotion, but rather a peaceful scene of the two staring at the shore as they remembered their lost friends.

1 Joseph tried to be a mentor for Jotaro

JoJo Stardust Crusaders Jotaro Joseph Joestar

While Joseph certainly wasn’t an outstanding mentor, he tried hard to teach Jotaro during their journey around the world. Joseph, after all, is the one who enlightened Jotaro on the reality of Stands, DIO, and the true implications of the Joestar bloodline.

Although Jotaro learned a lot from his grandfather, he doesn’t respect him too much. During the trip to Egypt, Jotaro wasn’t too amused by Joseph’s gaffes and uncanny ability to crash a plane. Also, Joseph really proved he wasn’t the best role model when it was revealed that he cheated on Suzi Q with Tomoko Higashikata, which resulted in the birth of Josuke.

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