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How to Save on Christmas Gifts! | Credits

Christmas is not here yet, but buying gifts is well underway – and so be it. If your mind is saving on Christmas presents, you should not miss buying it lately.

Here are a few easy tips to save money and nerves when buying Christmas presents. Have a fun and relaxing Christmas wait!

Be on time (or really late)

If you leave Christmas shopping for the final week, you can be prepared for a huge crowd in the malls. Christmas carols cut out their third month on the tube and start to come out of their ears, and most likely the shelves will be emptying their favorite toys and collections this Christmas. Many start their Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

Christmas cannot surprise anyone, as it comes every year (as winter, the tip for motorists and VR!). You can go shopping as soon as toy catalogs knock on the mailbox and packaging services appear in shopping malls or even earlier if you keep your eyes and ears open all year long: good gift ideas are also available in the summer!

If you are cold-hearted, that is, you can withstand congestion and not startle, even if your favorite items are out of stock, you can leave the purchase of Christmas presents to the last drop: sometimes discounts start already!

Even the most picky ones can even consider buying gifts after Christmas, when sales start off really well.

Best Online Deals – Be sure to pay by credit card!

Best Online Deals - Be sure to pay by credit card!

The easiest way to avoid Christmas gift angst and aggression is to shop online. You can shop online anytime, anywhere, even in the middle of the night at the cottage. All you need is a working internet connection. It is also advisable to be on the go early in the online shop, as Christmas holidays may delay delivery times. Being on time will ensure your packages arrive by Christmas.

The advantages of online shops are not only ease of use and speed, but also a wide selection. Even the largest Finnish shopping malls do not offer the same amount of merchandise as in online stores, where every dress and jacket is available in thousands of colors and fifty different sizes.

Competition in online shops is fierce and international, which allows low prices and good selection. However, you shouldn’t be blindfolded when shopping online, but keep in mind the basics: buy only from trusted sites and use a credit card, as a credit card will secure your online purchase.

For example, OP Visa will credit you purchases up to € 6,000 over the life of the card (180 days or two years) at a deductible of € 40.

If you don’t have a credit card yet, or if you have ever taken a credit card without further comparison, we recommend comparing credit cards in our handy credit card comparison:

Instead of the goods after all?

Instead of the goods after all?

If the idea of ​​giving as gifts is a distraction, feel free to expand your horizons to other gift ideas. In addition to the goat donations to developing countries, various adventurous gifts have really come to fruition in recent years. How about a massage instead of a sweater for grandma? Or a gift card for Pokemon Go for a kid?

For most people, the best way to gain new experiences is to travel. A holiday trip to the sun or even a quick trip to Tallinn for the weekend, both break the daily routine. A holiday trip is also a wonderful gift idea!

If you decide to leave, remember that a credit card is a traveler’s friend when traveling. You often get travel insurance for the same reason.


How do you pay back an outstanding loan

As estimated by BIG InfoMonitor, nearly 2 million of us do not pay their debts on time. Typically, this problem applies to current accounts, maintenance, as well as loans and credits. So how do you deal with paying off payday pay? We advise.


Why do we take payday loans online?

Why do we take <a href=payday loans online?” />

Because quickly, anonymously and without unnecessary formalities – that’s how most people using this type of service will answer. And why do we borrow? There are many reasons. Most often this is associated with a difficult financial situation, lack of additional funds for sudden expenses or simply a desire to finance the purchase of e.g. household appliances or a laptop for a child. Just then, quick loan over the internet is the last resort. Before we take it, however, let’s assess whether payday payday loans are then able to pay off easily.


Assess whether you can afford a loan

Assess whether you can afford a loan

Instantaneous proof, quick loan without certificates, online loans in 15 minutes – this is how loan companies advertise so often. However, before you decide on such a fast loan online check whether you will be able to pay it back on time. What if, for example, you lose your job and cannot pay the debt at the moment?


Homemade ways to pay back payday pay

Homemade ways to pay back payday pay

Analyze your home expenses. Make a list of expenses, see what you can opt out of and what you can limit. Consider also displaying unused or unnecessary items, clothes, jewelry, equipment, e.g. TV, tablet, bicycle, motorcycle, etc. on the Internet auction. It is better to do it yourself, instead of waiting, e.g. bailiff’s execution. And this can happen if the loan is not repaid.


Talk to the company where you have the loan

Talk to the company where you have the loan

Let us remember that the company with which we have a temporary loan is very important to us to settle our obligations. Therefore, if due to sudden loss of job or other random event we cannot repay the loan on time, we should contact the Lender immediately. For example, Payday loans offers various solutions that will help pay back payday loans. If this is our first loan, we have the option to extend the repayment for the same period for which we received it. In the situation of another payday loan, we can use the so-called refinancing loan. More information on this subject can be found in the content of the agreement and the table of fees and commissions.


Don’t bury your head in the sand

credit loan

The worst thing we can do is to avoid contacting a loan company. It is worth keeping calm and confronting the problem. The most important thing is:

  • Look for solutions right away. Pretending that there is no problem or postponing the solution for sure will not help.
  • Reduce expenses and focus on paying off current loans. Another quick loan over the internet to pay off overdue liabilities is not the best solution.

Tips To Help Your Family Save

Savings tips are always useful, whether we are in crisis or times are more optimistic. In this article we will give you some tips to help your family save money.

Read good books or frequent parenting classes, or look for credible people who can help you in this direction to inform and help the whole family to gain and / or maintain strong and positive values ​​and virtues. Never forget that money plays a central role in people’s lives so it is vital that you develop a healthy relationship as money.

Encourage Volunteering

Encourage Volunteering

Even if you have a tight family budget, remind your children of the luck they have: food, a home, a good education, parents who care about them … and unlike them, there are many children who have nothing or little of it .

Family volunteering is perfect to help them get out of themselves and help others. There are innumerable initiatives that will build you and help you grow concerned about others. And this will give more value to money, which gives them another criterion when asking for or spending money

Protect Yourself From “Dangerous” Arguments

Protect Yourself From "Dangerous" Arguments

It is inevitable that your child compares the rules he has at home with those of his friends. Combine and think about the most effective arguments to counter these conversations and defend yourself by making them understand your arguments. Do it as empathically as possible so that you do not feel you have to accept its fundamentals. With persistence and patience, they will end up realizing.

Does Your Child Need A Mobile Phone?

Does Your Child Need A Mobile Phone?

In this field, the example of the mobile phone is one of the most common. If you have questions about whether or not your child is old and mature enough to have a mobile phone, think carefully before using this type of argument: “Poor thing, all friends have a cell phone, they are the only ones who do not. “

Before making a decision, do not forget that the mobile phone should work as something utilitarian and not playful. Many families choose to offer a mobile phone (which does not have to be top of the range) to their children only when they begin to have the responsibility of walking alone on the street (from home to school, for example).

Money can and should be looked upon naturally. But as it touches on structuring factors in people’s lives it is essential that parents increasingly care about fostering a healthy relationship with money.

The FIPER or how to know in depth the mortgage loan we are about to sign

The weak point of any party in a negotiation is the ignorance of the rules of the game. In a negotiation between consumer and bank on mortgage financing, normally, the consumer is the weak part, since he does not know 100% the rules of financing. So that for the forces to equalize, consumers must strive to read and understand the contract, and banks must explain to customers all those contractual clauses they do not know.

At their service, clients have tools such as E-Money that include the characteristics that will be included later in the mortgage. In this way, the E-Money must become the best ally of the consumer , in the instruction book in which to detect if the conditions of the mortgage loan offered by the entity are adequate or not according to their needs.

What is E-Money and why is it so important for the consumer?

What is E-Money and why is it so important for the consumer?

The E-Money is a personalized information sheet on the mortgage conditions that the entity offers to the client, depending on its financial profile. This document is not binding, but it is a statement of intentions of the financing that the bank is willing to offer.

To get the E-Money the client must provide the bank with their financial data and the corresponding information of the home they wish to buy. The entity, after analyzing the profile of the client, will necessarily deliver, whenever the consumer demands it, the E-Money of the mortgage.

This sheet is not a binding offer , so it can be modified, but for this it is necessary to review the document and understand it. Only in this way can you avoid end up signing mortgages with too much linkage, with high interest rates or with clauses that make debt repayment more expensive, such as mortgage land.

In this line, the mortgage buyer Good Finance has launched the first E-Money analysis service . This is a free and limited benefit until May 15 , which allows all clients who have received a mortgage offer to obtain a valuation of the product at the hands of a financial expert.

Conclusions that a E-Money must provide

From the comparator, they point out that the sections in which the magnifying glass should be used when assessing the E-Money are interest, commissions, and bonding. In addition to those clauses that could unnecessarily make the mortgage more expensive, such as the ground clauses.

In the particular case of variable-rate mortgages, it is essential to know the reference index of the mortgage, as well as its substitute and the possible reasons for its modification. While in fixed mortgages it is essential to recognize the cost of the commission for interest rate risk, a commission that is only included in fixed loans and that can exceed 5% if the debt is paid in advance.

Regardless of the interest rate

Regardless of the interest rate

Attention should be paid to products especially linked to insurance. Identify if it includes a PUF insurance (the cost of which is financed with the mortgage and for which we will pay interest), knows its cost and how much the mortgage interest, the contracting term and the impact that the cancellation of the policy can have on the financing.

After analyzing the E-Money the conclusion that the client must reach is whether the current offer is good or not. If not, the consumer must keep in mind that a mortgage is a 100% negotiable product, so he can deal with the negotiation with the bank as far as his financial capacity allows.

Urgent Credits Online in Madrid without explanations.

Do you live in Madrid and need fast money online? In Frestigeonline you can find urgent credits online in Madrid or from anywhere in the world, provided you are Spanish or have permanent residence in Spain.

To apply for urgent loans online in Madrid you simply have to select on our website the amount you need and as soon as you want or are willing to be able to return the credit. Then, you fill in a simple form with your personal data so that we can perform a personalized search for urgent credit offers online in Madrid for you. As soon as you send your personal data we will show you in a few seconds the different offers that we find and you choose among them the one that best suits your specific cash capital needs.

What requirements do I need to meet to request urgent credits online in Madrid?

What requirements do I need to meet to request urgent credits online in Madrid?

The requirements are few and easy to meet, especially for loans in Madrid of amounts less than 1,000 euros and repaid in a single term. You just have to comply:

  • Be of age.
  • Be Spanish or have permanent residence in Spain.
  • Have a mobile phone.
  • Have an email.
  • Have a bank account number in which you appear as the holder.

In the case of urgent online loans in Madrid for amounts greater than 1,000 euros, the requirements become somewhat more restrictive, although not difficult to meet. In these cases it is usually added as a requirement that you have a demonstrable periodic income such as a payroll, a pension, an unemployment benefit, etc.

Can I postpone the return of my urgent credit in Madrid?

Can I postpone the return of my urgent credit in Madrid?

Of course, if you do not arrive in time to pay your credit online in Madrid within the term established in the contract you can always request an extension of payment of the credit.

To request an extension you usually have to enter the client area that is supplied to you when you take out the credit and request the extension, they will not ask you for explanations. You simply select the period of time you want to extend the payment of the credit fee in Madrid.

The costs will only be on the additional period that you request, at the time of initial payment of the credit you will only pay the amount of the interest but not the amount of the credit. At the end of the extension period will be when you must pay the interest of the new term and the total amount of the credit.

How to find the best payday loan?

payday loan disbursements increased 36% in the second half of this year. One reason for this is that it is already very cheap to get a payday loan if you are careful enough. Unfortunately, many still pay more than they would have needed. But, how do you find the best payday loan? Show!

Applying for a payday loan is quick and easy. It can take up to a few days to complete the process, and you may still be billed on the day you apply. The most important aspect of debtors is how much interest they can get on the money they need. The worst thing you can do is visit your account manager bank and take out a payday loan there. The laymen think that the bank will certainly give the existing customers the best interest. This may even be true, as credit institutions can really give you all the benefits of a discount, but the price difference between loans is so great that you may not be sure to get the best credit.


General parameters of borrowed payday loans

General parameters of borrowed personal loans

According to the MNB, the general parameters of borrowed payday loans are: HUF 1.8 million, 3-year maturity, fixed interest rate. The monthly repayment is between $ 57 and $ 69,000, depending on which bank you choose. The amount to be reimbursed over three years can also be very different. The difference between the most favorable and the most expensive product is almost HUF 500,000. Logically, the larger the loan amount, the more significant the price difference. Currently, the best interest rate products have a fixed interest rate, which means that the monthly installment cannot change over the term.

Borrowing a more expensive loan will not only increase your expenses but also reduce your creditworthiness. The JTM (Income Proportional Rate Indicator) regulates how much of your income can be borrowed. In the case of unsecured payday loans, if the borrowers have a certified monthly net income of less than HUF 500,000, the repayment installment of the existing and new loans, if any, may not exceed 50% of the certified income and 60% in the case of income exceeding HUF 500,000 patients. Income and debt are to be treated in a consolidated manner for several co-debtors.


Many people do not compare the cost of loans

Many people do not compare the cost of loans

Interestingly, when it comes to another product that people want to buy, their first thing is to go to one of the price comparison pages and see where they can get the cheapest product. According to the MNB, the average APR on payday loans disbursed in Q2 2019 was 13.48% . According to other surveys, credit institutions offered payday loans at 7.28% APR in May. That is, people chose the more expensive payday loans because they were not careful enough. If they looked more closely at the banking market, they could have obtained a cheaper payday loan.

The Verena Tarrant payday loan calculator will help you choose the best payday loan. If you don’t want to waste your time going from bank to bank and listening to payday loan offers, apply for a loan online. When applying for a loan online, you can find out more quickly if you have approved a credit institution than personally. The system submits your claim directly to the bank’s pre-review or review department, so you can find out whether you’re eligible for the credit within a few hours.